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Tilting Society towards a sustainable economy.



We aim to set a global standard of innovation through agile, diverse projects that establish a fresh, creative destination for people from all walks of life. Backed by bold, pioneering ideas, our shared commitment will always be to help people live a better life.



We help you design and run a robust ideation process and idea governance system to efficiently generate and manage ideas. As part of the process we help you engage with the relevant external parties including clients, thought leaders, entrepeneurs and startups to embrace co-creation opportunities.

Our acceleration programmes are designed to help corporates engage with startups and scaleups in a collaborative and open environment. As part of this process, we create a community that works together to solve some of the most important challenges in your company or industry.

Our innovation programmes help you identify, define and build new products and services within 3 to 6 months. We embrace an entrepreneurial mindset to help your company rapidly capture new opportunities, solve key problems, and explore the potential of new technologies.

We help corporates tap into the entrepreneurial spirit of their employees by empowering them to transform their ideas into concrete solutions that deliver immediate value to their organisations. Our programmes also form the ambassadors that can drive deep cultural transformations across the organisation.

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