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Establishing open lines of communication through our Cepphar houses initiative will allow us to develop and maintain relationships with other exciting incubators, accelerators, co- creators, and co-sourcing partners across major cities all over the world. And be it Brussels, London, Berlin, Chicago, Tel Aviv, or Beijing, we’ll actively share our services with all members of the Cepphar Community. 


Operating as a non-profit organization, Cepphar Foundation will create an open, all-access community that provides enhanced support and guidance to all potential parties. We’ll routinely follow-up with members on a 1-to-1 basis after passing out unique “social proof” requirements; which is designed to ensure social relevance and streamlined services to our programs. 


Entrepreneurs are the backbone of what we do, which is why they’ll receive support on a no cure, no pay basis. We believe in developing long-term relationships that offer fair value, which is why we’ll never leverage equity while supporting co-creation, co- sourcing, and intrapreneurship partnerships. More importantly, we’re looking to create co-working spaces that enhance collaboration without relying on real estate as our core income model. 


Trusted relationships are the key to long-term success, which is why the Cepphar Foundation will develop a reliable virtual network that spurs exciting and innovative initiatives that reach the ends of the Earth. We’ll provide the tools, direction and platform that our members need to quickly access relevant information, events, contacts and news so they can find sustainability in the startup ecosystem.

Though a non-profit at heart, Cepphar Foundation will always focus on projects that have the potential to be profitable and scalable. Our main objective is to deliver longterm growth by internationalization and optimization of technology through sustainable business models. We’ll help accomplish this by improving business intelligence gained by monitoring key figures and financials.

Business today moves at the speed of light, which is why flexibility and responsiveness are at the core of every decision. By connecting innovate ideas with actionable business opportunities, our agile and tangible project approach will encourage real return on investment with unparalleled support.

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